Recent Lab News 

23.10.2020 Really excited to give a virutal talk next week at Claflin University about undergraduate research!

05.10.2020 PFP data structures is accepted to ALENEX 2021. 

03.09.2020 Dr. Boucher will serve on the PCs for RECOMB 2021 and CPM 2021.

01.08.2020 Boucher, Langmead and Gagie will begin the research aims of the NSF IIBR project entitled An Efficient Pangenomics Graph Aligner.

01.07.2020  Dr. Boucher will be a keynote speaker at the conference Advances in Genome Graphs that will take place in Ascona, Switzerland, on June 6-10, 2021.

01.06.2020 Kingshuk Mukherjee paper on optical map assembly will be presented at WABI 2020.

01.06.2020 Dr. Bahar Alipanahi has successfully defended her PhD thesis. She will be a research scientist at BioNano Genomics Inc. 

08.01.2020 Dr. Boucher is a session chair for the CSHL Biological Sciences Meeting in November 2020. 

08.01.2020 Dr. Boucher is co-orgainzing SPIRE 2020

08.11.2019 Dr. Boucher gave an invited talk entitled: "Tracking Antibiotic Resistance from Farm to Table to Clinic" at the International Workshop on Innovative Algorithms for Big Data (IABD 2019). 

01.01.2020 Dr. Boucher will be on a PC member for RECOMB 2020, ISMB 2020 and WABI 2020.

01.06.2019 Martin Muggli will present Succinct De Bruijn Graph Construction for Massive Populations Through Space-Efficient Merging at ISMB/ECCB 2019

01.05.2019: Dr. Boucher was an Invited attendee to international meeting entitled Workshop on Antimicrobial Resistance Databases organized by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission. Held at the JRC headquarters in Italy in May 2019.   

01.06.2019 Christina gave a talk on how BWT can be used to build and represent the colored de Bruijn graph at the Dagstuhl Seminar called 25 Years of the Burrows-Wheeler Transform.  Thank you to all the organizers.


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I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer and Information Science and Engineering at the University of Florida.  

Check my Google Scholar for all my papers. 

My research lab develops novel analysis methods that use current and upcoming technologie for generating biological data and build resources–such as a misassembly correction method or a resistome surveillance method–that benefit both researchers in bioinformatics and life sciences. Each of our analysis methods incorporate the use of discrete algorithms or data structures.

The Boucher lab greatly appreciates the support from the following granting agencies.

Active Funding:

  • NSF SCH: INT: Enabling real-time surveillance of antimicrobial resistance ($1,187,778, PI: Boucher)
  • NIH NHGRI (R01): Personal and panel references for improved alignment (PI: Langmead)
  • NSF IIBR: An Efficient Pangenomics Graph Aligner ($700,361, PI: Boucher)
  • NIH R01: Developing Computational Methods for Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistant Agents ($2,139,795, PI: Boucher and Prosperi)
  • NSF III: A Scalable and Efficient Optical Map Assembler ($397,461, PI: Boucher)

Previous Funding: 

  • USDA NIFA: Understanding antibiotic resistance occurence and development of mitigation strategies in cattle (PI: Jeong)
  • USDA NIFA: Paradigm shift: revolutionizing our understanding of antimicrobial resistance ecology through whole genome analysis of microbial communities (Lead PIs: Belk / Morley / Yang)
  • Morris Animal Foundation

Portable Nanopore Analytics: Are We There Yet?

Portable Nanopore Analytics: Are We There Yet? Marco Olivia, Kaden King, Kevin Wong, Grace Benson, Christina Boucher, Franco Milicchio, and Mattia Prosperi. To appear in the Journal of Bioinformatics

Succinct Dynamic de Bruijn Graphs.

Succinct Dynamic de Bruijn Graphs. Bahar Alapanahi, Alan Kuhnle, Simon Puglisi, Leena Salmela, Christina Boucher. To appear in the Journal of Bioinformatics.

Metagenome SNP Calling via Read Colored de Bruijn Graphs

Metagenome SNP Calling via Read Colored de Bruijn Graphs. Bahar Alipanahi, Martin D. Muggli, Musa Jundi, Noelle Noyes, Christina Boucher. To appear at the Journal of Bioinformatics, 2020.

Mobilization of antibiotic resistance: Are current approaches co-localizing microbial resistomes and mobilomes useful?

Mobilization of antibiotic resistance: Are current approaches co-localizing microbial resistomes and mobilomes useful? Ilya Slizovskiy, Kingshuk Mukerjee, Chris Dean, Christina Boucher, and Noelle R Noyes. Frontiers of Microbiology, Volume 11, Number 1376, 2020.

Matching reads to many genomes with the r-index.

Matching reads to many genomes with the r-index. Taher Mun, Alan Kuhnle, Christina Boucher, Travis Gagie, Ben Langmead, Giovanni Manzini (Multiple senior authors). Journal of Computational Biology, Volume 227, Issue 4, pages 514 – 518, 2020.

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