Christina Boucher
Office: E546 CSE Building
Office Hours: Tuesday 12:45pm-1:45pm or by appointment
Email: christinaboucher at ufl dot edu
Lecture Time and Place:
(Tues) 1:55pm-2:45pm and (Thurs) 1:55 to 3:50, , CSE E222

Modern biological techniques are generating a variety of large-scale data, and require sophisticated algorithms for their analysis. Tasks include assembling the genomic sequence, predicting the protein-coding regions, their function and the manner in which they are regulated. The course will provide a broad overview of the computational techniques currently used in bioinformatics. Students completing the course will be able to analyze a variety of biological data, a skill they will develop through meetings with biological partners and groups projects, which will consist of algorithm implementation and application. More specifically, students will learn and directly apply:

  • Dynamic programming for sequence alignment,
  • Hidden Markov models for gene finding, and
  • Graph algorithms for sequence assembly and motif finding.
In this course, students interact with the material through reading relevant literature, participating in group discussions, creating relevant presentations, working on an individual or group project, and listening to guest speakers. Students will apply their knowledge in a research project where they design, implement, and evaluate a bioinformatics system.

First day of class Tuesday, August 29th 2017 because Dr. Boucher is away for a conference.
The list of projects is here.
The list of papers for the paper presentations are here.